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 New Event 2

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PostSubject: New Event 2   New Event 2 Icon_minitimeMon Jan 31, 2011 5:47 am

OK the event I'm gotta tell u is called Musical Chairs Event and i am going to tell u how to play this event Smile

1. Get the players to the OX Quiz Map and tell them to go to the Middle and if u think u have enough players kill them ( like dead in the middle)
Skip the introduction because u will explain to them anyways Smile
2.Then u tell them that we are gotta do the O side and only the bottom 3 platforms only (Ex up has 3 plats, left 3 , 3 right and 3 bottom) first, go hide and stand on one of the bottom 3 platform then start the time (30sec), ressurect them and then they will have to pick a platform (only the bottom 3) and if the time goes 0, kill them then unhide and if people are in the GM spot they lose and get warped back to henesys
3.Then revive them and tell them to go back to the middle and then tell them that 'We're gotta do the X side>>>>" then go hide and choose a platform then set the time (30sec) and if the 30sec is over u do the same thing
4. And if there is like 3 players or 2 tell them to do the O Side and only the right 3 platforms only now " go hide and choose platform then set time then u should know the rest

Ok if there are like 5 ask me how many plats Smile or just choose

Hope u guys like this event!
because i mite b putting some more up Smile

From Pandax33

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New Event 2
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