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 D/cing after clicking the pic :)

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D/cing after clicking the pic :) Empty
PostSubject: D/cing after clicking the pic :)   D/cing after clicking the pic :) Icon_minitimeMon Jan 31, 2011 1:30 am

well i found a way to fix that problem that peoples been having so follow these instructions below

Vista/7 Users
Step 1: Click on your internet network access thingy in the bottom right.
step2: After that something will pop up and click Manage network connections then another thing will pop up then disable all connections containing 'Microsoft Loopback Adapter
step3: Having those connections with 'Microsoft Loopback Adapter' the network pic should b gray.
step4: Then try playing the game.

WindowsXP users:
Step1: Go to Start in the bottom left and right click 'My Computer' and select properties
step2: Then something should pop up and click the hardware tab then select 'Device Manager'
step3: Click on 'Network Adapter' then there should b some networks underneath the 'Network Adapter'
Step4: Right click the 'Microsoft Loopback Adapter or 'Loopback Adapter and select uninstall Driver or Network
step5: Then a confirmation will pop up and click OK
step:6: then after u uninstall it u can try playing Ur private server

Maybe u been having these d/cs from Pic-code because u were playing v.88 File games
i Hope this solves it (because it worked on mine )
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D/cing after clicking the pic :)
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