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 [Tutorial] How to fix DCing after PIC

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[Tutorial] How to fix DCing after PIC Empty
PostSubject: [Tutorial] How to fix DCing after PIC   [Tutorial] How to fix DCing after PIC Icon_minitimeSat Nov 20, 2010 7:15 pm

Hello all,

Here's a screen-by-screen tutorial on how to fix the problem of DCing after entering PIC. Smile

Note: Specifics may vary depending on what operating system you use. I use Windows 7.

1. Step number *ONE*:
Go into the start menu and click on control panel:

[Tutorial] How to fix DCing after PIC Dcatpicfix1
(For larger picture, click here.)

2. Step number *TWO*:
Locate your Network and Sharing (may be named differently on a different OS):

[Tutorial] How to fix DCing after PIC Dcatpicfix2
(For larger picture, click here.)

3. Step number *THREE*:
Locate where you may manage/change your adapter settings:

[Tutorial] How to fix DCing after PIC Dcatpicfix3
(For larger picture, click here.)

4. Step number *FOUR*:
Locate all "Local Area Connection #" or any networks which state "Microsoft Loopback Adapter". Disable all of these:

[Tutorial] How to fix DCing after PIC Dcatpicfix4
(For larger picture, click here.)

5. Step number *FIVE*:
Run ExcellMS and enjoy not DCing after PIC! Smile Woohoo!

Also note, if this does not solve the issue, you may have a different problem. Please be sure that you are running version 0.83 and also the newest ExcellMS client and that your folder contains all the necessary files, and ensure none are broken/corrupt.

Credits go to my awesome penguin desktop for being so awesome. Wink

I hope this helps!

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[Tutorial] How to fix DCing after PIC
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